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Crew consultancy.
A different approach to the future?

We are now working in a very different industry from a few years ago,
times have changed; to be honest with you, the general feeling from everybody is that the days have gone of jumping on a boat & earning the big bucks.

The boat budgets are tight, boats are operating skeleton crews, charters are down in number & rates; & many boats are for sale. 

The knock-on effects are that the salaries in many departments are lower & for many of you, the main concern is job stability & that the boat does not have financial problems.
On top of all this (if this is not enough), we are seeing increasing demands for crew to pay tax & later, social security.

Like all changes, there are some good things as well. We have the ILO conventions now enforce for all crew working on all commercially registered yachts of over 200GT.
The ILO covers many aspects such as cabin space, working hours, hygiene, crew contracts, down time & even study time.  All this, is for your benefit.

In a recent trend, many crew became concerned about who they trained with and the quality of the courses being offered; this year we have seen a new trend developing in which many crews are looking for longevity and security.

What about 7 East?
We should say that we are not just a crew agency, we are a crew consultancy. What is the difference?

By having you on our books we will follow you through your career, work closely with you, give you advice in regards to vessels, position & training. We wish to know exactly your goals so we can match you with the correct vessel from day 1.

If you think we can work together in the long term, register now online, send us your current CV & let's see what we can do together.

7 East; opening minds, creating futures.

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For any problems, please contact crew@7eastyachts.com

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